SDCC 2012: Recap and Sale

I think the biggest highlight for me was meeting the creator and the writer of my secret project, who were THE NICEST people I have ever met. Seriously, they took me for ice cream. Admittedly, I can't have ice cream, but there was apple juice, and it was just such a lovely little break from everything else. We shared stories and photos (and some video) of our cats. LOL. I wish I could say names. *sigh*

The deviantArt booth was pretty tightly packed and as such it was not possible for me to hang out next to my display and meet people. It was also tucked away back behind all the exciting computer displays, so if you missed it, and me, then many apologies. psifigirl was the only dA fan I managed to meet, and that was only because she waited for a half hour AND THEN CAME BACK LATER. And even then, it was pure luck that I ran into her after stopping by for five seconds to grab something from my suitcase. She gave me the most adorable mini figure she made of Holly and took the only picture of me from the entire day. <3 There was indeed much hugging.

I had a fair adventure getting my art there and back and pretty much everything I took home in my luggage was ruined by a careless cab driver (whereas the TSA, who searched my bags on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS, managed not to do any damage). But I sent a lot home by mail, and when it arrives Tuesday or Wednesday, I will start my

Ex-SDCC FREE SHIPPING SALE (US only) at storenvy

I just want to first make sure the package actually DOES make it back to me, haha.

Email me (top right) if you are interested and I will send you the details when the sale is ready. Or you can come back mid-week. I don't think I will sell out or anything (based on past sales). I have maybe 12 copies of each comic left, and whatever cards/prints didn't go with me to SDCC. I want to get rid of all my unsold crap and clean out my attic, so anything that doesn't sell by the end of July is going in the skip, for realsy. If you order a comic and want some prints or cards, ask. It depends on weight and availability, but I'll throw in whatever you want for free. I have a few 11X17ish posters which I'd sell for $5 or so: Middleman, Farscape, there are three Maze posters - the waterfall, the sinking one, and the book 3 cover. They don't have a page on storenvy right now, so email if you are interested. I am busy with other things, and I just want all this stuff out of my life so I can stop feeling morose about it.

3 thoughts on “SDCC 2012: Recap and Sale

  1. Oh, and I have ATC cards. You've seen 'em. I have like 50 farscape ones, a half dozen fireflies, and a few labyrinth and babylon 5. Free with any order.

  2. I tried stopping by twice on Thursday but both times you weren't at your table! :C Oh well though, I'll try and see you next time our con schedules coincide! I hope you had fun. :D

    1. I don't really want to go into what happened at SDCC, but I don't think I'll be doing another convention unless I am ordered to do so by a future publisher.

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