Everything I Build

I built it with sand and I built it with rock.
I built it with all of the things that I'm not.
And I watch from the hill as it burns to the ground.
I can still see the smoke from my train out of town.
Everything I build is breaking down.
Everything I build is breaking down.
The Stills, Everything I Build

4 thoughts on “Everything I Build

  1. Is "the locked Maze" still available somewhere? I wanted to recommend it a friend but the page is down...
    Which is really, really sad...

  2. I wonder how many other comments are going to show up here. I tried to find The Locked Maze, but before that stumbled upon this page and tried to buy a PDF in the store. But there's nothing in the store, and now I hear the page is down! Please restore at least one of the two. The art in the comic is my inspiration for the stories in my head. Please don't let it fade away. It was one of the most hauntingly beautiful things out there.

    also, it seems like you may be having an existential crisis. i wish the best for you and that you're able to come out of it soon...because those suck. i hope i'm not overstepping, because i've only seen a glimpse of it, but please don't be afraid/ashamed to reach out for help, not even just if you need it, but if it could be useful. one series of dreams ends, but a new one begins, modified by our experiences and life lessons. there is hope yet.

    <3, pre-doc okapi

  3. I had The Locked Maze recommended to me, but cannot find it - is it going to be available again? Best wishes!

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